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Professional Way to Restore Data from Formatted SDHC Card

Have you ever accidentally formatted SDHC card connected to your system via card reader using “Quick Format” option? Now, are you thinking how to restore your entire data from formatted SDHC card? In such undesirable situations, no need to worry! With the help of Recover Formatted software, it’s possible to get back data from formatted SDHC card used in professional DSLR digital camera and camcorder manufacturers such as Kodak, Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Minolta, Sony, etc. This software enables you to retrieve files efficiently from formatted or reformatted SDHC card. This tool is equipped with an inbuilt advanced scanning algorithm that scans the entire formatted SDHC memory card and recovers data including photo, audio, video, etc with utmost accuracy.

Since, formatting SDHC card does not erase entire data instead create free space and nevertheless corresponding space get filled up make the data overwritten. So, one should immediately stop using the formatted SDHC card to prevent data overwriting that can make the recovery next to impossible. Therefore, in order to overcome unfavorable situations you can simply make use of Recover Formatted utility to perform formatted SDHC card recovery within short span of time. Apart from SDHC card, even you can utilize this powerful toolkit to get back data from other memory card types like SD card, SDXC, XD card, CF card, MMC, Memory Stick, etc of numerous manufacturers like SanDisk, Kingston, Transcend, LaCie, etc.

Possible Causes behind Data Loss from SDHC Card:

  • Sometimes, when you abruptly pull out SDHC card off digital camera or camcorder while capturing or previewing your precious data can severely corrupt it. This can prompt to format SDHC card result in data loss.
  • At times, you might mistakenly choose SDHC card connected to your system and end up quick format it that can result in deletion of entire data.
  • Whenever you make use of any unreliable or third party tools to unformat formatted SDHC card can result in data loss.
  • Most of the times, due to severe virus or malware attacks on SDHC card connected to your PC or laptop can severely damage its file system that can make entire data inaccessible.

To get over the above-discussed reasons behind formatting SDHC card, one can simply preserve proper data backup and move or transfer entire data to other storage device. Nevertheless, if you are unable to keep proper SDHC card data backup then, stop feeling annoyed! Here is a one-stop solution Recover Formatted toolkit capable enough to restore data from formatted SDHC card supported by FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, HFS+ and HFSX file system. This software is termed as reliable one due to restoration of data in its original form even after formatting SDHC card. It is safe from virus and malware and allows you to preview restored data from formatted SDHC card before restoration. Moreover, one can simply click here to restore data from formatted with ease.

Furthermore, this software facilitates you with simple to understand graphical user interface that makes your SDHC card data recovery very easy. It has been designed with built in superior algorithms to restore data from corrupt or damaged SDHC card used in Smartphone, tablets, card reader, hard drive, external hard drive and many others. This software can restore data from formatted SDHC card running on the recent versions of Windows OS 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, etc and Mac OS X Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, etc.

Deleted Picture Recovery from Nikon D3300 Camera

Memories are very important for our life. People are always wanted to store their memory in terms of pictures by using digital cameras. Nowadays Nikon D3300 is most popular digital camera to capture images more effectively. It is mainly used for capturing sports and action photos; It has great image quality, great color depth and so on. However it feels very bad if precious pictures get deleted from Nikon D3300 camera. If you don’t have backup it becomes harder to recover. In order to avoid such situation make best use of recovery tool to get back deleted pictures.

What are the reasons for pictures to get deletes from Nikon D3300?

Virus infection is a major reason for picture deletion. whenever you connect your Nikon D3300 camera to virus infected system, it makes you to format forcibly by displaying error message like “The drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now?” If you do so, your pictures from Nikon D3300 camera get deletes.

Unintentional deletion is most common reason for deleting pictures. Sometimes when deleting unimportant pictures you may unintentionally delete important pictures, or you may press on ‘Delete All’ or ‘Format’ option at the time of performing some other operation causes deletion of pictures.

Interruption like sudden shutdown of system due to power failure or power surge at the time of transferring pictures between Nikon D3300 camera and system causes deletion of pictures. Sometimes pictures may also get delete because of capturing image while camera running in low battery.

Tips to avoid deletion of pictures from Nikon D3300 camera

  • Always scan your Nikon D3300 camera using antivirus software by connecting it to computer system in order to get rid of virus infection.
  • Make use of UPS to avoid sudden shutdown of system while transferring of files between Nikon D3300 camera and system is in progress.
  • Always maintain backup by storing your pictures in some other secured location.
  • Be careful while handling sensitive storage devices like Nikon D3300 camera.

Even though if you failed to follow above mentioned precautions please make use of Nikon Canon Picture Recovery tool to retrieve Nikon camera pictures.

Why Nikon Canon Picture Recovery software?

Nikon Canon Picture Recovery software is more powerful tool in recovering the deleted pictures by scanning entire camera within small amount of time. Its special built in algorithm is very helpful in scanning very quickly and efficiently. It supports in recovering different picture files including RAW pictures. Click here to know about recovering pictures from Nikon D3300 camera

In addition Nikon Canon Picture Recovery is also capable of retrieving pictures from different DSLR cameras like Sony, Cannon, Fujifilm, Olympus, Sigma, Kodak and also it can recover pictures from flash memory cards (SD, XD, MMC, Memory Stick etc.), USB external drives, FireWire Drives, iPods. Here you can preview the recovered pictures before storing it. The recovered pictures can be sorted on the basis of name, size, file type etc. this software allows you to restore pictures to your desired destination location.

Data Recovery from Mavericks Trash

I had lot of media files in computer, and the memory was almost full and I wanted to add new data in my system. So thought of making space for the new data, so deleted the data which were not important and but in the process of deletion even my important files were moved to Trash. Which I was not aware of, after deletion I emptied the trash and the files were deleted. So now I have realized that there were some files which were important. So is there any way I can get the files back?”

The data once deleted is inaccessible to the user, but fortunately the data can be recovered as the data even after emptying Trash consumes the space in memory. But let us first discuss the possible reason for data loss in Mavericks.

Potential reason for data loss in Mavericks trash:

  • The files in the trash may be valuable and files may have got into the Trash bin by mistake, but once the files are emptied from the trash they are lost permanently. The user may realize that the data emptied from trash were important and regret later for emptying the trash bin.
  • Sometimes the user may directly use the combination of “Shift + Command + Delete” which deletes the files without the files moving in trash bin. The combination might be helpful for the deletion process to be faster, but you may be made to pay the price if the files deleted were important to you.
  • Also there are certain third party software tools which empty the trash without any formal notification.

Even after emptying of trash bin the data is recoverable, the reason for recoverable becoming possible is that data is never deleted it is only made inaccessible and the files still consumes memory in the hard drive. So the data is in the hard drive unless it is overwritten by new data. So for recovery to be possible the data shouldn’t be overwritten and also, don’t install any data recovery software to avoid overwriting of files. If you still ignore the facts to prevent data loss and lose your files by accidental deletion, even then the data is recoverable using the recoverable tools.

There are different recoverable tools available, but I suggest the Recover Mac Trash software. For more assistance, simply tap here It is highly reliable tool, which helps in data recovery in simple steps and you can restore data from Mavericks Trash supported by HFS+ and HFSX volumes with ease. It also supports various version of Mac OS X like Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, etc with great ease.


  • Perform recovery of data after emptying from Mavericks trash with utmost ease.
  • This software can perform data recovery from Mavericks Trash on basis of unique signatures.
  • Preview option to view the recovered data before restoring to memory.
  • Data can be sorted on the basis of filename, file extension, file creation date, file size etc.
  • Data recovery for Mac based HFS+ and HFSX volumes.

Prevent data loss in Mavericks trash:

  • It is good practice to look at Trash, to look for important files before emptying it or else there will be loss of valuable data.
  • As a piece of advice when you use the combination of “Shift + Command + Delete” you should be sure that the files you are deleting are no longer required.
  • Don’t go for unreliable third party software. Because some of the softwares tend to empty the trash files without the permission of the user. So always prefer certified software product for data security.

How to Recover From Camera Memory Card

You might have captured photos from your camera to keep good memories of past and where all captured photos will be stored in camera memory card. However, if you don’t have backup and suddenly if entire photos get lost or deleted or maybe inaccessible. Then, definitely you may get frustrated and starts searching for card recovery software. If you are in search of recovery software, here is most popular and efficient Camera Card Recovery tool which can recover entire lost or deleted photos with ease of steps.

Some reasons to cause picture loss or deletion from camera card are:

  • Sometimes, while previewing some important captured pictures you may accidentally press “Delete All” button available in camera. By doing this, entire pictures stored in memory card may get deleted permanently and resulting in huge loss.
  • Virus attack is most dangerous program that can make your crucial pics inaccessible or unreadable. Viruses can occur on camera SD card, when you connect card to virus infected computer or laptop. Due to this reason, infected SD card starts giving error messages and resulting in loss of photos.
  • Any sort of Interruption like power failure and while transferring images from camera SD memory card connected to PC or vice versa will lead to incomplete transfer and results in image loss.
  • Another general cause to picture loss is by capturing images when Digicam is on battery low. Sometimes, continuously clicking photos on low battery camera can lead to corrupt the SD memory card and resulting in complete loss.

Apart from these, there are other several reasons like abrupt removal of flash card when it is attached to computer, accidentally formatting memory card in Digicam and etc. To overcome such situations, simply make use of this Camera Card Recovery application which can retain whole lost or erased pics in simple steps within matter of time. To know more details and answer query like “how to recover deleted videos from digital camera memory card” visit here:

Consider some important features of this software are:

This application is an efficient media file recovery tool specially to recover lost or deleted photos using inbuilt algorithm to perform deep scanning of whole memory card. This intuitive software can easily recover lost pictures from camera memory card using “Find” tool which recovers entire pics on basis of their name, size, date, extension etc. It supports to restore various brands of Digital camera such as SONY, Kodak, FUJIFILM, Panasonic, Samsung, SIGMA, CASIO and Canon etc. This powerful tool recovers lost pics from attached memory card types like SD, XD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC etc. and its different manufacturers like SanDisk, HP, SONY, Transcend, Kingston and Lexar etc. In addition, Camera Card Recovery supports to get back deleted pictures from hard drive types like SATA, SCSI, IDE etc. and also its manufacturers (Western Digital, Seagate, Buffalo, and Hitachi etc.) It is capable of restoring all photo formats like JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIF, TIFF etc. In addition, software can restore lost pictures from camera and can be employed on both Windows and Mac OS versions.

Easily Recover Deleted Video Files from Sony Handycam

Sony Handycam is an electronic device having combination of a video camera and video recorder, usually used for recording videos during various friend and family functions. In addition, it comprises of a 1/5.8” Exmor R CMOS sensor and a wide-angle Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar zoom lens with 27x optical zoom plus 54x Clear Image digital zoom. Instead of such advanced features, there is always risk of losing your precious videos due to various human mistakes or due to other reasons including accidental deletion, improper handling of Sony Handycam, severe virus attacks, etc. However, to overcome such unfavorable conditions one should simply opt My File Recovery software, which is capable enough to restore deleted video file formats like AVI, MOV, MPEG, etc from Sony Handycam within few mouse clicks.

It has built in scanning algorithms to perform deep scanning of Sony Handycam to get back deleted videos as well as other multimedia files such as photo file formats like JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF, etc, RAW photo file formats and audio file formats like MP3, WAV, etc with ease. Besides, you can recover deleted video files from Sony Handycam, even its possible to restore deleted videos from other Handycam manufacturers including Panasonic, Nikon, Canon, Minolta, etc using this powerful software. With the help of this simple user interface, you can undelete deleted videos directly from flash memory card like SD card, SDHC, SDXC, CF card, XD card, etc of numerous manufacturing brands such as SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, LaCie, etc.

Possible causes behind deletion of videos from Sony Handycam:

  •  Accidental Deletion: Sometimes, while watching your favorite videos from Sony Handycam you may end up mistakenly pressing “Delete All” option lead to deletion of entire video collection.
  • Video Deletion during Transfer process: Whenever you pull out memory card from Sony Handycam while transferring videos making you lose entire video files within no time.
  • Virus Attacks: At times, whenever you connect your Sony Handycam to any virus infected PC or laptop can severely corrupt or damage file system leading to deletion of video files within few clicks.

To get over the above-mentioned reasons behind deletion of videos from Sony Handycam, one should possibly keep proper backup of essential videos to other storage device and immediately stop using the Sony Handycam to prevent overwriting of deleted videos with newer ones. Otherwise, you can simply make use of this award winning software to get back deleted video files from Sony Handycam with great ease. One can log on to recover deleted videos from JVC Everio camcorder at your fingertips.

It supports to perform video recovery from FAT and NTFS formatted partition / drives. It facilitates you to preview the deleted videos before restoration to the desired location. This software support to undelete deleted videos from Sony Handycam on latest versions of Windows OS 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2007, 2003, etc and Mac OS X Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, etc.

Tip for Data Recovery after Repartitioning

Hard Disk Drive is a separate part in a computer. It is used to store large amount of data. You can different file formats like audio files, video files, text files etc. Generally user repartition the  hard disk drive in intention to  resize it, this means to decrease the space of partition or increase the space of partition that is present on hard drive, also one can repartition the  hard disk drive to erase the existed partition or to create new partition on the hard drive.

The process of repartitioning is usually carried out for better management of data. But in case, if you get any interruption in the process of repartitioning then it may cause severe data loss. This situation might lead to inaccessibility of data and sometimes the partition becomes invisible to user. What if you lost important data because of error during process of repartitioning hard drive? What is the solution for this situation? You need not to go anywhere; here is the best solution for this situation, My Partition Recovery software. By making use of this software data recovery after repartitioning hard drive is possible with a few clicks of mouse.

Data loss because of repartitioning hard drive has many reasons. Let’s have precise look on few reasons:

  • User mistake- While in the process of repartitioning you may select and delete the partition in hard drive by mistake. At the same time, in the process of resizing partition you may format any partition on the hard drive.
  • Third party usage- For repartitioning the hard drive if you use any third party utility and this utility is not trustworthy then it may make you lose essential data loss from hard disk drive.

In addition to above, situations like power failure, abrupt system shut down, bad sectors in the hard drive etc. will also lead to severe data loss from the hard drive. Reasons for data loss after repartitioning process may be known or unknown to you but by using My Partition Recovery software you are able to recover all your important data for sure. In case to view more info about this topic see the next link:

Features of My Partition Recovery software-

With the aid of My Partition Recovery software it is possible to recover data from partitions FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS 5 and ExFAT file system. It efficiently recovers data from hard drive interfaces like SATA, ATA, PATA, SCSI, IDE etc. It has an ability to recover data from most popular brands like Buffalo, Seagate, Samsung, Dell, Western Digital, Sony, SanDisk, Kingston and many more brands. It supports Windows operating system versions such as Windows 7 Windows 8 (Standard and Enterprise), Windows XP (Starter, Home, Professional and so on), and Windows Vista (Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Ultimate, Business, and Enterprise). Along with Windows operating system it also works for Mac OS X operating system version such as Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, and Leopard. To recover data from bad sectors on hard drive, it creates image of the disk and from that image it bypasses bad sectors and recovers the data.

Best Way to Recover Deleted Files from Flash Drive

Now the world of computer systems and Information technology has progressed in huge speed, maximum of data is transfer via flash drive. Nowadays, Flash drives are becomes very popular. These storage devices are pretty to use in order to transfer files in order to some read/write operation from storage devices into computer and vice-versa. Thus, Flash drive is nowadays becomes very user friendly and next big thing in the computer storage devices industry. Whatever and however the technology evolved, logical faults and difficulties are still possible in flash drives.

Even though Flash drive is the most widespread and consistent portable storage device used by all most all users, these drives are also immune to reasons which makes deletion of files from flash drive.  If this is case occurred, retrieving vital files would be the important query that will rise in your mind. In such situations, a genuine backup will help you lot. Nonetheless, if backup of files not maintained then you are in problem.  But don’t fret and this can be achieved with the help of effective file deletion recovery tool. For more details click here

Occasionally while deleting surplus files from the flash drive many people fortunately delete their significant files. Apart from unintentional deletion, files from flash drive can be deleted because numerous instances like wide usage of flash drive, file system corruption, abrupt usage of flash drive, unexpected power shutdown while moving files from flash drive to the PC, software glitches, virus attack, accidental formatting  etc.

Once file is deleted from flash drive, single file will be noticeable as deleted and the specific deleted space will be identified as available in order to store new files, but actual reason behind that is until and at least it is overwritten with new files even Windows or Mac OS fail to find out such deleted files.  But the file recovery tool examines such kind of deleted files with its innovative scanning procedures and recovers them with the help of distinct file signatures.

No matter how to recover deleted files from flash drive, File recovery utility can effortlessly retrieves files in a mouse clicks. This software can also restore files from flash drive. It possess an inbuilt find choice which needs to search important files from the list of recuperated files based on many file aspects like name of file, file size, and extension. Moreover, this tool helps to restores file from hard drives like SATA, SCSI, IDE etc. of many popular brands flash memory card like SD, MMC, memory stick, XD etc., This software detects  and identify the reasons and retrieves files which are accidentally deleted, corrupt, damaged, inaccessible file, formatted, or reformatted your flash drives. Even you can restore deleted files from RAID0, RAID1, and RAID5 array. Download demo version which is available on internet and you can preview the files before storing it, if you are satisfied with demo version, you can purchase complete software to recovers all deleted files from flash drive within few simply clicks.



Most Effective Tool to Retrieve Data from Formatted External Hard drive

It is amongst the common situation for you to lost vital data files from external hard drive. The storage size and durability of USB hard drive is more than computer internal hard drive. Now a days USB hard drive becomes most necessary part for computer users because of portable nature, you’ll be able to carry where ever you desire. The USB drive has large amount of storage capacity in fact it is mainly used for you to store precious data such as songs, vital data files and folders, photographs, project reports, business office work related data files, PDF files in addition to documents. Losing data due to accidental format of USB hard drive can move a lot of users into panic or anxiety mood. What you will work if you’re USB hard drive is crash all the time? Don’t be worried, here is best solution to recover misplaced data from formatted hard drive.

Formatting external hard drive will delete previous data and set new data to make use of with new file system structure. In case your drive formatted and deletes your complete important data from USB hard drive, Use Formatted data recovery is amongst the best and highly effective software which retrieves unintentionally deleted partitions together with great comfort. This tool helps you to recover data whenever your drive partitions are actually damaged or removed, if the recycle bin is emptied, bad sectors within the drive is destroyed or some important aspects of the system are actually corrupted.

Following are a number of the circumstances which lead lack of data from formatted USB hard drive

  • Inadequate Usage external drive: When you connect USB drive to PC, while transmitting information to system, you could abruptly remove your USB hard drive directly without using safe removal ejection option. This result in file system corruption error and might lack of data from drive. If you don’t have backup with the lost data after that severe data loss are going to be definite.
  • Accidental formatting: Formatting is it will always be erasing current data that are stored in virtually any drive or partition and use new data ready for make use of with new file system. Suppose user might unintentionally hit format button without having backup of files then perhaps it will leads to clearance of drive which includes your important data files. When such instances occur don’t always be worry and make use of best recovery software to have back lost information from USB hard drive.
  • Virus Attack: It is amongst the most common situation which normally happened to external hard drive. Harmful malware or maybe virus may strike your vital data files like photos, sound recording, word documents a great many other and due for you to improper usage or through the use of third party application that may results in file corruption error USB drive in addition to indicates to lack of files.

There are several of other aspects like file system corruption error, wide range of using USB drive, physical damage, software issues, and irregular electrical power shutdown while reading/writing data files on USB drive etc. might bring about serious data damage. To overawed lack of data in one of the above categorized situation, it’s always helps you to maintain a backup off your essential data files. Whenever you face losing data condition, the best backup will always stand behind an individual. If you misplaced your precious data even with taking the rights, no need for you to fear. You can save lost or removed data from outer USB drive through the use of Recovery utility close to hand. For more information click this link

Recover deleted videos from android phone

Android is one of the newest mobile operating systems available today. It was developed by Google and widely adapted all over the world. The latest research says that half of the smart phones in USA run on android. Android is based on Linux and offers you a great deal of customization in widgets and over 2.65 lakh apps. Android is also used on tablets. Many versions have been released like android froyo, ginger bread, honey comb, jelly bean etc. The latest version of this OS is kitkat. It has gained so much popularity that many of us like to use android smart phones.

Beside of so much popularity, sometimes it is inevitable to lose data from android phone the lost data can be anything like videos, songs, photos etc.

Suppose by mistake if you delete any important video from your android phone and think about recovering it, then you can possibly do that by using recovery tool. To recover deleted videos from android phone you need an application called android data recovery software, by using which you can get back lost or deleted videos without any margins.

There are some reasons that will make you to lose important data from your android phone they are mentioned below:

  • File system corruption: this is one of the main reasons of losing data out of your android device. If the file system of android phone gets corrupted then you will lose the access to your important videos and other files and hence data is lost
  • Formatting: if you format your android phone then you will lose entire data out of it, and hence to get back lost data you need to go for recovery
  • Data transfer error: you can lose important data from your android phone if there is sudden power cut while transferring data from android device to computer or vice versa


In order to get back deleted videos you can use android data recovery software, this recovery software has many useful features among them few are here:

  • This recovery application is the best among android data recovery software’s
  • By using this tool you can perform HTC one x data recovery
  •  You can very easily get back your deleted videos from android phone
  • This amazing recovery tool can recover files that has been lost due to accidental deletion
  • In order to recover deleted videos or any other files this application should be installed on Windows PC
  • This recovery application is very fast in recovery and it is very effective tool
  • By using this software you can recover deleted files from SD card as well as from phone memory
  • To avoid re-scanning you can save recovery session

For more details of video recovery from android phone click here:

To recover deleted videos from your android smart phone, you can download and install free demo version of this android data recovery software from our website, and test the same. If you feel the product is worthy then you can purchase licensed version of it.

NTFS HDD Recovery Techniques

Windows computers are normally made up of NTFS HDD, they store huge user data. There may be crucial files and folders on the NTFS hard drives and partitions. It is observed that most of the users lose their accidentally or some system conflicts could force you to lose NTFS hard drives data. Once the data is lost then you could be anxious and looking forward to restore data from NTFS HDD. So here is advanced NTFS hdd data recovery tool. This software is genuinely designed and launched by recovery experts, so you can make use of this tool to get back deleted or lost files and folders in short span of time. This application supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. But it is important to know how the files and folders from the NTFS HDD could be lost.

Sometimes, while deleting some unwanted files you may accidentally delete precious files mistakenly. Sometimes, NTFS HDD could be corrupted due to damaged files system or severe virus attack. So when the hard drives is crashed or corrupt then it will be inaccessible in this situation you may try to format the drives, once you format it then the complete files from it will be lost. Similarly the data could be lost which moving files from any external drive to system or vice versa. Some other reasons such as the hard drive may turn into RAW state or the complete data stored on the hard drive might be lost due to some third party tools or by internal system issues. After formatting or deleting the data you need not to use the HDD to store new data, it may cause overwriting of files which in turn leads to permanent data loss.

You are suggested to exploit NTFS HDD recovery software on healthier drive and achieve recovery of files in few simple steps. This tool is completely secure and has the capacity to perform recovery of data from formatted, crashed, inaccessible, partitioned NTFS drives in couple of minutes. It initially scans the drive and then retrieves data easily, so the deleted, formatted or lost files having any file formats could be easily recovered in few simple steps. It supports recovery of files which are deleted using shift delete keys in few simple steps. For further info visit this page

By making use of this advanced tool you can reinstate more than 300 type files from SATA, SCSI and IDE hard drives. NTFS HDD recovery app is competent enough to retrieve erased or lost data from NTFS and also from NTFS5 formatted reformatted or corrupt storage drives. You can also make use of this app to recover data from corrupt or formatted or deleted partitions on Windows computers. All recovered files will be arranged in proper manner so that you can easily identify the files. This app is also available in trial version you can get and then perform recovery of files, once the recovery is completed then you have to purchase the complete version of this tool to save the recovered files.