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Recover deleted videos from android phone

Android is one of the newest mobile operating systems available today. It was developed by Google and widely adapted all over the world. The latest research says that half of the smart phones in USA run on android. Android is based on Linux and offers you a great deal of customization in widgets and over 2.65 lakh apps. Android is also used on tablets. Many versions have been released like android froyo, ginger bread, honey comb, jelly bean etc. The latest version of this OS is kitkat. It has gained so much popularity that many of us like to use android smart phones.

Beside of so much popularity, sometimes it is inevitable to lose data from android phone the lost data can be anything like videos, songs, photos etc.

Suppose by mistake if you delete any important video from your android phone and think about recovering it, then you can possibly do that by using recovery tool. To recover deleted videos from android phone you need an application called android data recovery software, by using which you can get back lost or deleted videos without any margins.

There are some reasons that will make you to lose important data from your android phone they are mentioned below:

  • File system corruption: this is one of the main reasons of losing data out of your android device. If the file system of android phone gets corrupted then you will lose the access to your important videos and other files and hence data is lost
  • Formatting: if you format your android phone then you will lose entire data out of it, and hence to get back lost data you need to go for recovery
  • Data transfer error: you can lose important data from your android phone if there is sudden power cut while transferring data from android device to computer or vice versa


In order to get back deleted videos you can use android data recovery software, this recovery software has many useful features among them few are here:

  • This recovery application is the best among android data recovery software’s
  • By using this tool you can perform HTC one x data recovery
  •  You can very easily get back your deleted videos from android phone
  • This amazing recovery tool can recover files that has been lost due to accidental deletion
  • In order to recover deleted videos or any other files this application should be installed on Windows PC
  • This recovery application is very fast in recovery and it is very effective tool
  • By using this software you can recover deleted files from SD card as well as from phone memory
  • To avoid re-scanning you can save recovery session

For more details of video recovery from android phone click here:

To recover deleted videos from your android smart phone, you can download and install free demo version of this android data recovery software from our website, and test the same. If you feel the product is worthy then you can purchase licensed version of it.

NTFS HDD Recovery Techniques

Windows computers are normally made up of NTFS HDD, they store huge user data. There may be crucial files and folders on the NTFS hard drives and partitions. It is observed that most of the users lose their accidentally or some system conflicts could force you to lose NTFS hard drives data. Once the data is lost then you could be anxious and looking forward to restore data from NTFS HDD. So here is advanced NTFS hdd data recovery tool. This software is genuinely designed and launched by recovery experts, so you can make use of this tool to get back deleted or lost files and folders in short span of time. This application supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. But it is important to know how the files and folders from the NTFS HDD could be lost.

Sometimes, while deleting some unwanted files you may accidentally delete precious files mistakenly. Sometimes, NTFS HDD could be corrupted due to damaged files system or severe virus attack. So when the hard drives is crashed or corrupt then it will be inaccessible in this situation you may try to format the drives, once you format it then the complete files from it will be lost. Similarly the data could be lost which moving files from any external drive to system or vice versa. Some other reasons such as the hard drive may turn into RAW state or the complete data stored on the hard drive might be lost due to some third party tools or by internal system issues. After formatting or deleting the data you need not to use the HDD to store new data, it may cause overwriting of files which in turn leads to permanent data loss.

You are suggested to exploit NTFS HDD recovery software on healthier drive and achieve recovery of files in few simple steps. This tool is completely secure and has the capacity to perform recovery of data from formatted, crashed, inaccessible, partitioned NTFS drives in couple of minutes. It initially scans the drive and then retrieves data easily, so the deleted, formatted or lost files having any file formats could be easily recovered in few simple steps. It supports recovery of files which are deleted using shift delete keys in few simple steps. For further info visit this page

By making use of this advanced tool you can reinstate more than 300 type files from SATA, SCSI and IDE hard drives. NTFS HDD recovery app is competent enough to retrieve erased or lost data from NTFS and also from NTFS5 formatted reformatted or corrupt storage drives. You can also make use of this app to recover data from corrupt or formatted or deleted partitions on Windows computers. All recovered files will be arranged in proper manner so that you can easily identify the files. This app is also available in trial version you can get and then perform recovery of files, once the recovery is completed then you have to purchase the complete version of this tool to save the recovered files.

Find out How to Recover Videos from Memory Card

I had 10GB size Memory Card. I’ve saved my favorite videos on this Memory Card. Later I attempted to transfer some video files by connecting it with my system, it shows a error message to format the Memory Card. By mistake I clicked on the yes option. I had been shocked to determine that the recording files which I’ve saved on the Memory Card have become inaccessible. Hence all of the original data within the Memory Card is lost. Now how to recuperate videos from Memory Card to obtain my video files?

If you wish to recover lost video clips in the Memory Card. Looking for the program to recuperate your preferred videos in the Memory Card? If then you don’t need to worry make use of this Memory Card video recovery software to recuperate lost or erased videos from Memory Card with ease.

Memory Card is definitely an electronic flash data hard drive which is often used for storing all of the digital information such as the video clips. These memories are generally utilized on many electronic products including cell phones, digital camera models, Laptops, audio players, video games, etc. Memory Card users frequently experience the issue of data loss situations which may be triggered either accidentally by human errors or because of some software issues. If this is the issue then be relax, because now you’ll be able to recover all of the erased video clips in the Memory Card as long as you haven’t saved any new files to overwrite the Memory Card.

Now let’s feel the common situations through which you loss video clips in the Memory Card

  • Accidental deletion from the video clips instead of deleting other undesirable video clips.
  • Formatted the Memory Card deliberately or inadvertently
  • Selected the incorrect drive for that partition once the Memory Card is attached to the system
  • Interruption like sudden power failure or system shut down while transferring video clips in the Memory Card to other drive.
  • Improper operation of cut and paste while copying the recording files in the Memory Card with other storage drives.

What you must do when you lost video clips in the Memory Card?

The moment you discover that you have lost video clips in the Memory Card, then immediately stop while using Memory Card. It is because in case your erased files space is occupied through the new data then you definitely never have them back. Next, have this Memory Card recovery software program to recuperate all of your lost or erased video clips.

About Memory Card video recovery software

This Memory Card recovery tool is really a comprehensive tool for lost or erased video recover file from Memory Card. The program is made to retrieve video clips that have lost by various reasons. This gives safe and simple restoration of video clips including pictures, music, images, documents, etc even if the Memory Card is severely corrupted.

The Memory Card recovery program supports recovery of video clips from Memory Card cards made by Transcend, Verbatim, SanDisk, Toshiba, Olympus, Kingston, The Sony, Integral, Panasonic, etc. You may also make use of this tool to recuperate erased video clips from Mac Book. Refer this website, to get more information about how to recuperate deleted video clips from Mac Book.

Smart iPod Video Recovery App

iPods are the unique gadgets that are commonly used for music purpose only, but currently these iPods are modernized with video player, gaming and internet browsing etc. iPods have the capacity to amass video files of unlike file format; it is known that the video files amassed on iPods are very important for you. But today it is fairly become common to mislay your important videos because of hurried mistakes like unintentional deletion of files or some hurried users lose their entire iPod files by formatting it. Whatever the statistics may be behind video loss later we concentrate how to get deleted videos back on iPod. Once the video files are deleted then you may be worried and endeavor to reinstate it from back up. Unluckily, if the backup is also not existing then you will be tensed and attempt to look for iPod video recovery app.

Whenever you erase your pet video files from iPod purposely or accidentally then you have to utilize Video File Recovery Software to get ultimate elucidation. This recovery tool is developed and incorporated with sophisticated features to retrieve video files from your iPod. You can draw on your Windows or Mac computers as host for recovery process of iPods. We can have detailed information about iPod recovery later, now just let’s see how the files may be deleted from iPods. Numerous users erase vital video files unintentionally while deleting some surplus files. Sometimes, you could forget to maintain back up of essential video files before restoring iPods to original factory settings. Once the iPods video files are deleted then you have to make use of this well-organized software to bring back them.

You have to install this smart app on your Windows or Mac OS based computers to attain iPod recovery. This app can recoup the video files having any file extension in legitimate way. The video files like MP4, AVI, Divx etc. can be retrieved using a prevailing scan technology. Suppose the video files are deleted from your system then also you could easily perform recovery of those deleted files. It supports all available iPod models like iPod Classic, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle etc. Including the video files it could also retrieve the deleted media files like images, music files etc. So it is suggested to exploit on your system as soon as you lose the video files in elegant way. Click here to know on iPod AVI file recovery

Apart from iPods it can also execute recovery of the wiped out video files on memory cards such as SD card, SDHC card, memory stick etc. with simple steps. It is read only and vigorous application to recuperate the deleted video files without damaging any other files. This software is launched in demo version primarily for user evaluation; once you download it liberally from internet then it will take few MBs of data to install. After launching it effectively just pursue the detailed screen shots of revival process. All the recovered video files can be previewed using view options. Once you are pleased with the recovery results then you can activate the tool by purchasing activation key.

Formatted External Hard Drive Recovery Software

External hard drives are the devices used for saving your vital data for backup purpose. You can employ these external hard drives for storing your valuable data files like photos, official documents, work reports, system applications, disk images, movies, etc as per your interest. Employing these devices you will be able to create different partitions depending on size and need.  Partitions on external hard drives are created with various file systems and Raid levels. File system is used to access the all the data files from hard drives, depending on file system used the speed of file transfer is varied. There are many file system some of them are NTFS, NTFSX, HFS, HFSX, EX-FAT and so on.

All these data files stored on the external hard drive will be very crucial. You may experience the loss of important data from these external hard drives on account of accidental formatting. It may happen with you that due to frequent usage of external hard drives, system may force you to format the External hard drive and you have unknowingly formatted. When you employ to format the external hard drive the data within the external hard drive is completely deleted resulting into data loss scenario. Experiencing this situation you may be tensed and may be in search of solution to recover data from formatted memory card and external hard drive.

Apart from accidental formatting or external hard drive or memory card I would like to specify you some more reasons behind losing data from these electronic storage devices which may help you in future. Eventually it happens we utilize these devices with several desktops or laptops in concerned to copy or transfer the data. If the data within the these electronic storage devices is corrupted then any antivirus tool installed in system will try to delete the corrupted data even if it is file concerned with file system of external hard drive forcing you to format whole drive causing loss of data.

If these are the main cause for losing data from your external hard drive or any storage device then have patience and get relaxed. Because considering these data lose scenario all industry professionals gathered together and developed a hassle free application, which keeps potential to recover all the lost data because of accidental formatting of external hard drive, formatting of external hard drive due to virus corruption, formatting of External hard drive due to operating system failure, etc with ease. Employing this inimitable software will able to recover data lost from formatted external hard drive of almost all brands created with various types of file system and RAID levels as mentioned above. This awesome tool helps you to recover lots of different types of file format in concerned with their unique file extension. You can preview of every single file recovered from these offended external hard drive and memory cards. Before saving all the recovered files you should stimulate this free version of tool to pro version. To have little more knowledge of the formatted external hard drive recovery tool visit:

Lost Partition Recovery Program

Loss of partitions from the hard drive happens in the blink of an eye. You have barely had chance to recognize what you have done before it’s too late. Quiet often you might came across loss of data from the partitions and then start searching for the program to recover partition as it contains all your important files and folders. Let us consider one of the practical situation by which you lose partition from the drive. As you know that resizing of the partitions can be done by reinstalling the operating system. While resizing the partition if there is a sudden power failure then the process gets interrupted in the middle and cannot be completed. This will results in the corruption of the drive partitions. In such instance you encounter an error message displaying “cannot allocate or reallocate memory”. This error message won’t allow accessing any of the data from the existing partition.

Why you need to create partitions

Hard drive can be divided into multiple partitions for various purposes like data management, increase the speed of storing and retrieving data, convenience, security, etc. You can store data on different partitions and organize data more effectively. By partitioning the hard drive you can prevent an unauthorized access. When the hard disk size is larger than the partition size then you can split a hard disk into multiple partitions which is supported by your operating system. This partition also helps to reduce the file size and occupies less storage space. But sometimes due to hard disk errors or any other reasons the disk partitions starts malfunctioning, then all the data stored on this partition will become inaccessible.

Other reasons that leads to loss of partitions

  • Loss of partitions due to accidental formatting/reformatting partitions.
  • Repartitioning errors.
  • Improper conversion of file system.
  • Improper exit from the Windows.
  • Partitions table corruption.
  • Operating system corruption.
  • Bad sectors in hard disk.

Solution to restore lost partition

When you come across loss of partitions due to above mentioned scenarios or the other then it is recommended for you to make use of the partition recovery tool. Partition recovery software follows very simple steps to recover lost files from partitions. This program to recover partition deeply scans the logical drive of the partition and traces each and every lost data. After restoring all the lost partition it displays preview of all the recovered partitions so that you can restore them at the desired location. This tool is capable of identifying and restoring up to 300 different file types with the help of its in-built algorithms from any inaccessible hard disk partition.

Precautionary steps to be taken to avoid loss of partition

  • Always purchase the genuine software instead of unknown or pirate ones.
  • Always make use of the updated antivirus software program to free your system from viruses.
  • It is always suggested you to take the back up of the essential data so that you can restore it back easily when you encounter data loss situations.
  • Always connect your system with the UPS to avoid sudden system shut down and power failure.

Use the trial version of this partition recovery program to evaluate its efficiency by downloading it from the internet. Have a look at this site, to know more about this software.


Easiest Procedure to Recuperate Deleted Data from SD Card on Windows 7

SD cards are amazing memory space storage devices built for their use in concern to all the electronic devices. Electronic devices like Digital camera, Media Players, Mobiles, Personal computers, Tablets, Gaming Consoles, and many others. SD cards are small in size with massive storage varying from 2 Gigabytes to 64 Gigabytes. This kind of storage devices are formatted with various file systems like NTFS, NTFSX, FAT 16, FAT 32, and so on. You can utilize these devices to stock up your current required data concerned for your work, entertainment, backup, and so on. Data files from these SD cards can get lost or deleted on account of many reasons. These devices are very significantly vulnerable towards its utilization, if not handled appropriately after that these devices may result straight into data loss scenarios.

There a lot of reasons behind data loss from the SD cards. You have stored a few important data files or variety of interested data on these SD cards. While using the electronic devices you may have eliminated these SD cards quickly without having selecting safe removal choice and inserted it straight into Windows 7 based Personal computers for data transfer to or even from these SD cards unexpectedly system will prompt you to format the particular SD card. It happens due to file System corruption of SD cards. When you hastily remove the SD cards from any system then a number of the system files related to SD card file system will get erased or damage and the SD card becomes inaccessible leading you to definitely format entire SD card. As a way to proper working of these SD cards you need to install new system files this is only produced by formatting process in this case you might loss the entire data contained in SD card and will need a best recovery tool to recover data from SD card on windows 7.

Occasionally it happen these kind of SD cards may get corrupted because of virus incursion occurred on account of copying data from infected PCs or Devices. This specific infected data will again contaminate the data present within the unit. This virus will also corrupt the particular file system of SD card resulting in data loss.

You may encounter unintentional deletion of data via SD cards from Windows 7. While selecting particular document regrettably you have selected erase all option. In this state of affairs erased data will directly avoid the recycle bin and won’t be capable of bring back it from recycle bin ensuing into total loss of data.

Bearing in mind all data loss previously mentioned well skilled experts have developed a data revival tool with regards to SD card to recuperate back each of the deleted data without any issues. This tool is implemented using special technique to scan total SD card to recover around More than 200 dissimilar type of file according to their exclusive file signature. This specific ultimate tool is proficient of retrieving data from different manufacturers of SD cards and hard disks formatted with dissimilar file system. This application supports Windows 7 and all other Windows operating with necessity of very least system arrangement. Implementing it you will be capable to preview your restored data file prior to conserving to some other storage device. If you are pleased with the performance of this software in that case activate it to full edition. If you are desperate to know about Windows 7 restore tool for SD cards visit:

How to Recover Deleted Mac Partition

Usually hard drive of every computer is divided into several partitions or volumes to keep system files and user files separately. In Mac, the partitions are known as volumes as opposed to the Windows logical drives. Due to many partitions on Mac system, you’ll be able to store media files and office documents separately from each other. It makes easy to access different types of files easily and fast. This is all about how partitioning of hard drive is useful for storing and accessing data. Alternatively, you might end up with loosing complete data from the Mac partition.


More often than not, data loss occurs due to accidental deletion of partition. Many times you may desire to re-size or planning to perform any other task on existed partition using third party tools. While executing such tasks on Mac, accidentally you could delete entire partition. Within this scenario you could get the loss of quite a bit of information. For those who have office documents or any memorable pictures on deleted partition, then it’s hard to forget lost data. You may not live happily until you retrieve data from the deleted partition as it could possibly be affecting on your own business or personal work. To settle this problem, only the option left in your case is to recover deleted Mac partition. It is possible to do successfully by utilizing Undelete Mac partition software and it can be obtained at –



There have been also other scenarios where you may end with loosing important data on your Mac computer. Many of them are explained below.


File system corruption: File system is a crucial part of hard disk drive, making simple to store and access files on Mac. Usually HFS+ and HFSX file systems are utilized in Mac computers. The file system corruption on Mac hard drive prevents the user from accessing data stored on it.

Inadvertent deletion: Sometimes you may need to delete files from Mac hard disk if you have no space for storing fresh data. In addition, you may delete important files instead of unwanted files.

Accidental formatting: Occasionally you could format Mac hard disk intentionally or unintentionally. But if your system is performing slowly or the hard drive corrupted, you’ll need to format hard drive. In such cases you may lose data if your backup is just not available.


These are the common circumstances where you require the help of Mac hard drive recovery tool. It is additionally capable to recover data in a number of other situations like catalog file corruption, journal file corruption, bad sectors on hard drive, virus attack, etc.


Mac hard drive recovery software can recover photos, videos, music and text documents. To locate deleted or lost data, first it’s going to scan entire hard disk through the use of inbuilt scanning algorithm. What’s more, it offers you the option to sort recovered files determined by names, size, creation date, signature, etc. It’s possible to evaluate Mac hard drive recovery results by making use of demo form of the software. For more information on Mac disk recovery software, one can visit at –

Most Excellent Way to Retrieve Files from My Hard drive

You may also use external hard drives like MaXLine Seagate, Hitachi Deskstar, Apricorn EZ, Maxtor, Barracuda, etc. when the internal hard disk of your Macintosh PC gets filled with the data that is supplied with the Macintosh PC. Hard drive is utilized to keep each of the file and details regarding the computer along with user. It’s designed for the reason to hold user’s data in a managed and arranged way. All of the user’s files for example music files, video clips, audio recordings, audio tracks , documents, etc be located in within the hard drive of the Macintosh PC and user can obtain it whenever it is needed.

All of the files saved on the Macintosh’s external hard drive may be found to be missing or inaccessible any moment. It’s likely you have preserved much useful information on the hard drive that might become missing/ inaccessible unexpectedly any moment. Comprehending the significance of user data, our well qualified It professionals have developed a power tool to recuperate Macintosh files that is a perfect treatment for all kind of the file loss on the Macintosh external hard drive. Utilize this tool on the Macintosh machine, if you’re running through any type of data loss or file loss scenarios on the external hard drive. It’s entirely secure and safe tool for this function and assures the total recovery of the lost or accidentally deleted files on the external hard drives drive of the Mac PC. For more info visit

Brief Description of the Scenarios Associated with File Loss on Macintosh External Hard Drive

Probably the most frequent scenarios which are involved in the file loss on the external hard drive of the Mac are briefly discussed in this section. You’ll come to know about the reasons accountable for the file loss on external hard drive of your respective Mac.

Formatting External Hard Drive: Formatting totally erasing entire data present on the hard drive of Macintosh PC. You might format the complete hard disk drive or possibly a particular volume of the Macintosh. File loss because of formatting is incorporated in the sense of accidental formatting. There’ll be occasions when you will end up in formatting wrong /unwanted volume of the Macintosh hard disk drive that will lead cause file loss.

External hard drive reformatting: replacing the current file system of the hard drive with a other file system is reformatting. While reformatting external hard drive of Macintosh there is certainly chance for losing files like MP3, DOC, PNG, WBMP, TIF, TIFF, MPEG4, MP4, DOCX, ,etc. lost. Some of the file surviving in hard disk drive could easily get lost while reformatting. If so is the case with you then you needed to use our software and acquire back each of the lost files.

If you have any query that’s troubling you then you need to definitely take advantage of this tool. You don’t need to worry; it’s a user-friendly tool that doesn’t need any technical skills or experts for the utilization. You will need to just download and upload it on the Mac machine to possess all of the missing files on the external hard drives. It is build with free demo version of the tool, when they have any question concerning the working of the tool or any query. To learn more click on






Effective Software to recuperate Data from Damaged Hard Disk

External hard disk drives would be the storage device which can be attached to the computer through cable. You’ll find many external devices like video disk, compact disc, USB drives, thumb drive tape drives floppy hard drives, memory, CF card, SD card, etc. These external devices are extremely helpful because of the benefits like easy portability and operation on plug and play basis and store important data. Data saved on this device can be lost because of various reasons like dangerous virus infection, anti-virus program, missing or lost partition, accidental erased partition, reformatting partition hard disk unconsciously, etc.

Data saved on the external device can be lost because of the overwriting from the exterior hard disk. An exterior drive plays a huge role in backup from the data and also you save the disk picture of the hard disk on the external hard disk. These instances will end with saving the disk image two times on the external drive but later the procedure realizes the error and stops the procedure which results in the partial overwriting. In such conditions you are able to recover data in the external drive using the best external drive recovery software because it will also support to know how to recover broken external hard drive and helps to get back your data.

A few of the additional factors accountable for data loss from exterior drive

• Inadvertently formatted external hard disk: Exterior hard disk is a fundamental hard disk, difference is that it uses an USB casing or perhaps a FireWire interface to connect to a system, that is absent inside a regular hard disk. Because this external hard disk drive also consists of different partitions, then there will be a chances by which you may accidentally format the hard disk of the external drive that leads to huge data loss.

• Unintentional actions: Sometimes data may will get erased in the exterior drive due of some unintentional actions like removing an incorrect partition file when attempting to remove a few of the undesirable files using Shift + delete keys, delete option, etc.

• Incomplete transfer process: External hard disk is used to get back of the important files and in order to store large files, hence will be lot of data transfer involved. When the process will get interrupted because of instant energy supply or improper termination from the system during this process and that lead to data loss in the external Hard disk drive.

Because the external hard disk will get corrupted you loss all of the data saved onto it, to be able to overcome these kinds of situations employ external hard disk recovery tool that retrieves data from hard disk easily. You may also do hard drive without partition recover data hard disk , regardless of files on the hard disk is erased or lost because of any cause.

Some of the features that come with the recovery software are mentioned below

• This software sorts the retrieved files based on title, date, size and file type.

• By using this software you are able to recover files like videos, word documents pictures, audios, presentation slides, compressed folders, etc easily.

• It has capability to restore files in the NTFS, FAT16, FAT32 NTFS5, and ExFAT file systems from the storage drives.

• You can certainly recover data from exterior drives like memory cards, memory cards, USB drives, pen drives, apple iPods, FireWire drives, etc. on your pc are supported by the program.

You’ll be able to download the disposable demo form of it to judge the recovery results.